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There are a variety of problems associated with one's teeth that need to be handled by a specialist. Today, people who experience gum disease are likely to find that they need to visit a periodontist for even a simple tooth cleaning. Additionally, they might find they need a bone graft which is also known as a sinus lift.
A sinus lift is a treatment that thickens the bone in the area of the maxillary sinus cavity and is performed by a periodontist. When a person needs a dental implant, there is often not sufficient bone to support the implant. For this reason the bone in the area needs to be thickened through a sinus lift in Mexico.
Periodontists today are working on a variety of gum treatments that will help to stop and heal gum recession today including tooth cleaning options. The most extreme of these gum treatment options will be a gum graft which adds back to the gum in severe cases of gum recession. Normally a person with this severe of a disease will need to visit the periodontist for a simple tooth cleaning as well.
A periodontist often treats a variety of dental issues including the recession of gums and other diseases of the mouth. Whether you are seeking a simple tooth cleaning, dental implants, sinus lift or gum grafting or a number of other procedures, you will find that many options are available today.

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